Why Should You Preffer a VoIP Solution?

Instant Setup

Get up and running in literally seconds. You can choose your numbers directly from within the Addsource system.

Remote Call Forwarding

Looking to appear in more local searches? Designating numbers for different campaign sources? Addsource provided virtual numbers can be put through to your main office.

Toll Free Numbers

Choose the number that works for you. Make your business stands out with an easy to remember, free phone number.

Gain Local Presence

Establish yourself as a local business and give your clients and customers the convinience of making a local call.
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AddSource’ VoIP service

The most critical factor in call center operations and call tracking is the stability of the line provider – you need to be sure that all the calls get to their destination.

AddSource uses the most reliable VOIP infrastructure to asure you that you will always be available for your clients and customers.

How It Works?

Easy Access

Login to the Addsource website and follow the simple sign up process. The system is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Account Setup

Designate and purchase your set of local US and 800 numbers. Name the source of each number’s campaign and set the valid call rules.
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How It Works?

Review Calls

Addsource records and organizes your calls for you so that you can easily find and review calls. There are filters which let you navigate through your calls to listen to recordings from specific sources, specific geographies, or calls that you have marked.

Valid Calls = Business

When setting the number you are able to set the validation time that will differentiate this type of call from other cals. If a call time exceeds the validation time, this will appear as a “valid call” in the dashboard.