Call Tracking Platform For Agencies

Agencies Report Screen

Make Sure Your Clients Know That Your Hard Work Pays Off

Today’s competitive and multi-channel market requires us to create added value to our clients and moreover, prove effectiveness and efficiently. It’s often that we hear a client states: “I don’t know what it does for me, but pause that for now” – the reason is that they really don’t know!

By adding call tracking, agencies can easily show their clients the amount of calls the campaign generates, which is easier to understand than impressions and CTR. This can help their clients to better understand marketing results. Plus, providing clients with call recordings, allows them to understand what they are paying for.

How Does It Work?

Phones Destinations ScreenAnalyze Call's Volume

Agencies Features

  • Account level
  • Multiple clients management platform
  • Mail leads counting
  • Pay per call model
  • Cross client reports
  • Import and export reports
  • Agencies pricing
  • Custom grading
  • Whisper ( call announce)
  • Call recordings
  • Call stats – valid/drop/busy/short/repeat

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