AddSource – More Than Just A VoIP Provider!

AddSource-Not just a VoIP provider

The use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is getting more and more popular nowadays and AddSource is a company that never stays behind technological progress.


If you make a market research and check out what the majority of VoIP providers have to offer their clients, you will get very similar offers that don’t differ much from each other. Similar services, similar rates and overall similar conditions.


Once you take a look at the VoIP service that AddSource has to offer, you will not only get a price offer that is significantly lower than the average, but also a large assortment of user-friendly tools, which will help you to optimize the operation abilities of your business.


What will you get?


  • ‘Round the clock accessibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free 100-minutes trial
  • Well organized tracking statistics


It takes just seconds to create a new phone number for your business and you will be able to keep track of its operation, in every possible aspect.


Not only will you be able to create as many phone lines as you need, but you will also be granted an ability to see how many phone calls each one of them received, how many of them were answered, how long was the duration of each and every phone call and even what exactly was said during each conversation.


All your incoming phone calls will be recorded and stored in our Cloud Call Center. This tool will allow you to find out what your customers are really looking for and how well each one of your dispatchers fulfills their duties as a representative of your company. Once you find out what should be changed and improved, it will also be easier for you to find a way to optimize your call center’s operation abilities.


Last but not least, should you ever find yourself in need of guidelines or a piece of advice, you will always be able to reach our helpful staff and get the answers to any of your questions. Just contact us and see how easy it is to make your business function better!

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