When you look under a microscope you can see all of the smaller components of what makes up a larger object. Just like seeing the break down and inside systems of anything else, Addsource helps you break down and analyze your incoming calls. While analyzing your calls on the micro scale, don’t forget to look macro and set your sights high to reach your business goals in 2014.

Analyzing Calls is a Business Must!

By seeing what goes on in smaller parts you are better able to find ways to target your audience and attract new clients. Analyzing calls has important advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked and can help in the overall success of your company. We want you to see the effects of your advertising campaigns when you can lay out the specifics and map them to see where the business is coming from.

The ways in which calls are analyzed include having the time, date and call duration recorded as well as the advertising source and geographic location of the call. This information can give you clues into places where your audience is seeing your ads and can show you where you can place your marketing campaigns for a larger success rate. Depending on the locations and advertising sources, you could be getting more calls from one place rather than another. Call analysis utilizes these statistics and this information to help you promote your business more efficiently. When marketing is such a vital part of the success of your business, it is important to see in detail the places of where your ads are reaching the audience.

The call tracking platform also allows you to provide the best service possible by recording and exporting calls. They can be used as teaching devices for employees and also to better understand how the consumers interact with your products and services.

In addition, Addsource offers a call recording system that saves calls which are essential to closing client deals and customer interactions that prove to be useful for the future. These calls are recorded as needed to give more information to your company about how your marketing messages are getting through to your intended audience and to find out how they are responding. The calls being saved can be stored in the Addsource virtual call storage center that has an unlimited capacity. With this feature you have the ability to keep files organized and access them at any time.

Overall, analyzing calls helps your company to see the details of incoming calls and gives feedback on where marketing efforts were rewarding. Have Addsource’s call analysis boost your business starting this New Year and see your company expand and bring in more consumers.

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