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Managing Thousands of Calls from Across America

Managing incoming phone calls is a difficult process for any business. It is common to be overwhelmed by the volume and forget about the importance of call tracking analytics. Where are your calls coming from? What times of the day/night require extra staffing? And, most importantly, why are your customers calling? At Armored Lock, these three questions drive our nationwide locksmith business. With AddSource call tracking analytics, we know the answers.

24 Hour Service Requires 24 Hour Call Tracking

As a 24 hour locksmith company, Armored Lock receives a large portion of incoming calls after midnight. Customers are locked out of their vehicles or houses and need a locksmith immediately. It is crucial that we have adequate staffing in place at the call center. If a customer gets a busy signal, they are calling the next locksmith and you have lost potential business. AddSource allows us to monitor call volume to make sure we always have the proper amount of staff on hand to answer calls.

We can also look back on past data to plan for events that might require increases in temporary overnight staffing, such as New Year’s Eve or the Super Bowl. To have all of this data on hand, gives us an edge over other locksmiths, who are not tracking their calls with dedicated software.

What Do Your Customers Want?

The last piece of the puzzle is determining why customers call. AddSource records all incoming calls. We can get a breakdown of calls for different cities that give us actionable data to improve the overall Armored Lock experience. If we learn a large percentage of customers from Chicago are calling for car key replacement, we can tailor offers and coupons to that area for that particular service. We have also used the data from call recordings to improve our website content and make sure it appeals to a wide customer audience.

These are the ways AddSource helps us as a nationwide mobile locksmith company. We look forward to the future with the AddSource platform and the different ways it will help us manage our business.

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