3 questions that will tell you if your small business can take off!

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When it comes to growth, the majority of skilled marketers are often focused on enhancement of brand or product. If they’re not directly focused on it for one ad campaign it usually remains, at the very least, in the back of their mind.  It’s important to remember, creating greater awareness of your brand will generally translate to further awareness of a product but not often vice versa. Product awareness, is directly correlated with increased sales.   

So how can we measure brand or the impact of our brand on revenue?

For larger businesses this is an easier thing to see. It’s found as revenues increase as a result of campaigns, the purchasing of merchandise or social media engagement. It all plays an important role in establishing knowledge of the brand.

Digital marketers have an especially easy time since they can view the increase or decrease in sales as a direct result of any online marketing changes that are made. At least, if the end result they are looking for is a click or a sign up.  

In the case of small businesses that rely on inbound calls to fuel their sales the best option is always a good Call Tracking service. In fact, there are several ways to use call tracking to understand the measure of brand impact. But more on that later. First we must understand the problem small businesses face when it comes to measuring their brands growth or impact.

A small business, and usually one that focuses on a local area, will have a challenge getting good measurements on how well their brand is permeating their target population.

See if you can answer these three important questions.

  1. Are your advertisements really sticking in the minds of your audience?
  2. Does your motto or brand stand out and connect well to the service you offer?
  3. Are people returning to use your service?

These are important questions that will help you to understand the value that your brand messages carry.

Let’s look at them more carefully,

Advertisements must stick.

If you want to be remembered you need to do something memorable. Sounds simple enought, but there is some to it. For now let’s keep it simple.  Generally we remember things better when they are associated with something emotional for us. If you are able incite some emotion in your ads you are well on your way to being well remembered. If you are a local business look for local cultural or historical trends in your area, if you can attach your brand on the curtails of that, you will get a very strong result.

However, connecting emotional content to your brand is not simply enough to really stand out, and for that you need to be able to answer question number 2. Is the emotion you bring from your ad, in alignment with your brand motto?

Let’s look at an example for a towing company. A cute puppy on a billboard is a great way to make people say “aww” it might even be quite memorable, but it’s not going to help people remember your towing service. If that same puppy was towing a car though, with the winch as a leash it may have more impact on being remembered. Using Call tracking will allow you to measure exactly how many calls are coming from this type of Ad. When you test with multiple ads you can know exactly which ad had more impact. It can be something as simple as running it for two weeks in a newspaper. Then later running another add for two more weeks. When you gather your data from the ad you’ll know exactly which brand image is going to carry the most strength to increase your revenue.

In order to answer the final question, you’ll need to rule out one additional factor. Fortunately, it’s an easy one…

How good is your customer service?

For many of the skilled trade industries, its customer service that determines repeat and referral business. So if you know that you are providing this at each stage of the service you offer, you can then attribute the remainder to your advertising efforts.

AddSource’s call tracking service, will allow you to see every repeat call that you get. You’ll know if they came in from the first ad, which service they requested, and how long till they called you again. All attributed to the same number. When you review your repeat calls in reference to your total calls, you’ll begin to understand what kind of impact your brand is having on your overall business and that’s a great way to know if you business is going to take off!

If you are ready to see how call tracking can get your business to soar, click this link now.    

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