Call Center Training (Call Duration)

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The aim of this blog post is to draw our customers’ attention to one key factor, the importance of which simply cannot be overestimated.

This factor is the duration of the incoming phone calls, which are received thanks to your advertising efforts. The duration of incoming calls has a crucial impact on their conversion, hence we at Addsource recommend that you explain it to your dispatchers.

Remember – correct instructions given to your employees can make your business much more profitable, so they are worth any amount of your precious time!

The 2 following facts are the keys to understanding the importance of a phone call duration:

The longer a conversation lasts, the more interested in your service the potential customer will become. This means that your dispatchers should be as informative as possible and provide full answers and all the additional details that could sound attractive for a potential customer. While the average time of a valid call differs from one business to another, if a deal is not closed within the average time frame and the customer is still on the line – your dispatcher is most probably doing a good job.

Let the customer feel comfortable, as if you have no pressure at all and your time is not limited. While a short “to the point” conversation that ends as a closed deal is a perfect scenario, your dispatchers should never let the customer feel that they are in a rush and they just want to close a deal, finish the conversation and move on to the next customer.

Another important thing that you should keep your eyes on is correlation between the average call duration in your reports and the overall conversion and ROI statistics of your company. If you see that your income is growing at a satisfying pace, but your report shows that too many of your incoming calls are valid, it means that you should redefine your valid call duration parameters, so the valid calls statistics will become more reliable.

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