Call Center Training (Recorded Phone Calls)

Recordings of all the incoming phone calls is one of the most important types of report that a business owner can use.

Such a luxury as the ability to hear a recording of any phone call by pressing a button was unavailable for many decades, but with the help of modern digital technology and the services that are provided by Addsource, it became rather easy.

This article will offer some useful tips that have helped our customers improve the functionality of their call centers and significantly raise their conversion. Should you have any questions about call center training, contact us to get a piece of advice!

There are two main types of answered phone calls:

  • Calls that converted a potential customer into a client
  • Call that did not convert

Incoming phone calls that turned your potential customers into real clients will teach you what exactly your clientele is looking for. They can also be used as example of a dispatcher’s work that was done the right way.

Record Machine beside computer

Let your dispatchers listen to these phone calls, so they will learn what they should and what they should not tell to the customers when they answer a phone call. On top of that – it’s a good idea to modify the content of your advertisements according to what your customers ask when they call your company’s number.

Contrary to what some people might think, experience has proved us that it’s equally important to listen to recordings of phone calls that converted well and those that did not convert at all.

Oftentimes, phone calls don’t convert because the dispatcher didn’t know how to talk to the person that was on the other side of the line, didn’t sound convincing or was unable to explain something clearly enough.

That doesn’t even necessarily mean that he or she is a bad dispatcher. Chances are that your dispatchers (and your company as a whole!) will be able to improve their skills, if you let them hear some phone call recordings and tell them what they might have done wrong and how to improve it!

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