How To Improve Your Incoming Calls Conversion?


Being a company that is genuinely interested in the success of the companies that we work with, we would like to share more tips that will help you to get the most out of the incoming calls reports that we provide.

So you started to receive our reports, to explore the statistics and to invest your money in truly effective sources that convert better than the others. You are getting more valid calls from potential customers as a result. What’s next?

The next logical step is to make your call center convert better. The way your dispatchers communicate with your potential customers is the factor that has the strongest impact on your conversion and, as a result – your income.

Remember – you are always welcome to contact AddSource to get your dispatchers’ functionality examined by the experts!

The following factors matter most:

  • How the dispatcher presents him/herself
  • Dispatcher’s level of confidence
  • The duration of the phone call

How the dispatcher presents him/herself

What Should You Do?

Use the recorded phone calls to find out how each one of your employees starts the conversations. They should speak clearly and speak to the point. Imagine yourself that you are the client and think whether what you hear sounds convincing to you.

If some of your dispatchers don’t, let them hear the conversation, explain them what they should change and make (unexpected) phone calls simulations. A good dispatcher sounds friendly and confident at the same time. Would you trust a person who doesn’t know what he is talking about or sounds hostile? Neither would your clients.

The longer a conversation lasts, the higher is the probability that a deal will be closed. It will make the called feel more committed to your company, so every second matters. Instruct your dispatchers to keep the customer on the line by providing profound answers. If you are not sure about the conclusions that you should draw from your calls recordings, feel free to contact us and consult with us now!

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