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Call recording is a feature that Addsource not only provides for our clients in the call tracking platform but is a system we know that works. With this special component, you don’t need to take down calls the old fashioned way – just let Addsource call recording do it all! If you are looking for a partner that helps you reach your goals then Addsource is where you want to be!

Addsource Call Tracking and Call Recording

Addsource call recording allows for businesses to keep an organized and catalogued file of calls that they would like to save and use later. The benefits of keeping calls recorded are numerous because being able to go into the file and pick out a call that can be used for a demonstration or inserted into a proposal is all accessible at your fingertips. The call storage center is a virtual space where calls are kept and won’t run the risk of being deleted when the center is full because it has unlimited storage.

The call tracking platform is designed to make your business more capable of analyzing the incoming calls and for evaluating how successful your advertising campaigns are. With this knowledge, you are able to make campaigns even more tailored to your audience and offer them your products and services. Addsource makes it easy to sign up and get started immediately with the call tracking platform. It is simple and gives you the ability to customize the dashboard to see the most important statistics regarding incoming calls. Tracking call time, date, duration and advertising sources are only a few of the many ways the platform tracks incoming customer calls.

SEO and call analytics go hand in hand where SEO is the process of searching and attracting potential clients and call analytics help give specifics about where SEO and paid advertising were the most successful. From an insider’s point of view, the Addsource system, which combines both, is the best way to increase operational excellence and make all of your marketing efforts count.

Don’t forget about pay per call, too! Addsource’s pay per call platform brings business leads to you and only charges for the calls that are valid. Boosting your client list will give you an edge in your industry and increase your ROI.

Addsource stays at the top of the call tracking industry by supplying businesses with the systems they need to keep their companies running efficiently. Contact us at Addsource to find out more information about setting up call recording for your business!

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