Call tracking in 2014 can be a great addition to your company if you don’t currently use it or aren’t familiar with the great features that the Addsource call tracking platform provides. There are always ways to take advantage of the benefits especially if you are looking to increase your advertising ROI. With the new year right around the corner, here’s what is in store for the for call tracking in 2014.

What is expected for call tracking in 2014?

Call tracking is a great addition for helping stay on budget and keeping a close eye on spending is always important for SMBs because it determines the amount of cushion provided for other projects that require more funds. We at Addsource view call tracking in 2014 as a peace of mind for SMBs, since the dashboard provides the statistics that matter when it comes to spending. Being able to see where money is coming in from which sources and where ads could be placed next time is an advantage that this platform offers. You can see the details of incoming calls like the call time, duration, source, etc and can refocus your efforts to maximize calls to your business to gain more clients.

SEO can easily become one of the most time consuming and stressful parts of marketing your company. Call tracking helps SEO by providing information about where the campaigns were most successful and where they could be placed and do very well the next time. The Addsource platform works with search engines to help you push your ads where your audience is converting to calls. There are opportunities waiting to be seen and this call tracking platform enables you to take those opportunities and turn them into profits. 2014 is the perfect time to try something new with SEO and Addsource is ready to help you get started.

Call tracking allows your business to optimize the campaigns you are putting out in order to attract the most business as possible. Call tracking in 2014 can help your marketing campaigns be better and more successful than ever because we place our Addsource phone numbers in the ads that go on the radio, tv, flyers, banners and many other media outlets. Those phone numbers are able to be traced from the ad and analyzed in the dashboard providing information about the calls. Call recordings are a feature that allows you to save and export calls to reports or can be used as teaching tools. The advantages of using call tracking in 2014 include getting quality leads and more clients within the new year.

Addsource has more information about how your business can gear up for 2014!

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