Call Tracking and Web Analytics

Is your marketing being measured correctly?

Many companies measure the incorrect metrics when trying to come up with the best marketing strategy for their business. A lot of the time the data that is available is not enough to make a rational decision. Therefore a lot of decisions are based on a hunch rather than basing decisions upon fact. Monitoring web traffic does not put you in the position to give the full picture regarding bottom line results relating to sales.

Call tracking brings a world of knowledge to enable marketers to come to the right decisions. With the aid of call tracking, you will no longer risk throwing away marketing dollars without knowing how much the investment converts into, in terms of company revenue.

In addition, web analytics will only cover the online aspect of your business. This in some instances will translate only into a fraction of total conversions which are initially generated from offline and other online sources.

Once you have discovered the true value of call tracking, the insights will allow you to start running with data instead of gut feeling.

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