Call Tracking and Working Hours

The following post is based on the experience that some of our customers recently had. There is a chance that once you read this post, you will notice that the situation is similar in your case as well and you will find a way to significantly raise the income of your company at once, without making any special effort.

The working hours of a business are usually pretty standard. When a business owner decides that the morning shift should start at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is really the perfect time to start working, or that it’s better than starting to work an hour later. There is always a chance that a minor change in the schedule of your business will have a serious impact on its profitability.

Recently some of the companies that use the call tracking service that AddSource provides, discovered that they either had many unanswered calls that were placed before the official opening time of their business, or after it was closed. Another business that uses our services, which operates 24/7, came across a constantly repeating issue of high pressure during certain “rush hours”. It resulted in rather big numbers of busy calls, some of which could not be retrieved eventually.

After a thorough analysis of the call tracking stats of these businesses, we recommended each one of them to change their working schedule. Some customers were recommended to make their shifts half an hour longer, another business was recommended to start the night shift an hour earlier (when the previous shift’s employees are still working as well) and after a two weeks period – it became crystal clear that the ratio of valid VS. non-valid calls improved for each one of our customers, drastically.

To provide call tracking reports is not the only aim of our company. Our employees also specialize in helping our customers to draw conclusions that will help to raise the level of effectiveness of their businesses. If you are not sure about the conclusions that you should draw from your tracking call reports, feel free to contact our team right now!

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