Call Tracking Data Storage

Data accumulates at an exponential rate, so how do you keep up with it all and make sure it is saved? Addsource’s call tracking platform includes an unlimited call tracking data storage plan that allows you to store all of your important files.

Unlimited storage with Addsource

Imagine a warehouse full of file boxes that contain some of the most important information that your company possesses. Would you leave the warehouse unguarded or unlocked? No, you would most likely move all of the boxes somewhere they would be kept safe and protected. That is what the Addsource data system does, it keeps all of your businesses most significant call recordings files in a virtual safe giving you the comfort of knowing the files are secure.

Incoming calls are monitored by the system recording the phone number as well as other information to keep track of how successful marketing campaigns are. Not only do you have statistics to improve advertising but the incoming phone numbers also have information about the media source they came from and the location of that source. Call tracking data includes: call time, duration and advertising sources are only some of the features that the platform includes to help you stay organized and stay focused on your clients and projects.

There is no need to worry about running out of space because Addsource provides storage for customers that is unlimited. Recorded and marked calls will always be accessible to you to include in reports or download again. Having unlimited storage allows you to create a catalogued system of your past calls that you can locate easily and be assured they are still there. Our data storage system works in sync with the call recording system to capture and save all of the calls that you need for the future. Addsource’s system is ready to help you feel more secure in knowing that all of your files will remain safe. Start enjoying our unlimited call tracking data storage today!

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