Call Tracking Local Pay Per Call

Call tracking increases the success of marketing campaigns and gives companies a better idea of where their efforts should be placed. Call tracking also goes hand in hand with the local pay per call model because it allows the companies trafficking the calls to monitor and record the campaigns in their entirety. Receiving leads is vital step for business establishment and drawing in customers.

How Can Addsource Call Tracking Help With Local Pay Per Call?

When potential clients view the ads that your company releases, they see a local phone number and call to get more information. Call tracking allows you to find out where your ads are drawing in the most interest. With this information, your marketing department can adjust their efforts to better target the audience you want to reach.

Having the ability to control the way you see the statistics of your company is possible through call tracking. Maximizing advertising dollars is a priority for SMBs and when you are able to delegate where the money is going and how it is coming back by means of incoming calls, call tracking is beneficial.
Tracking the calls is a way to collect information about how the messages and ads are affecting the audiences and if they are responding to the campaign efforts.

Pay per call has the capability of working with the call tracking platform where call tracking generates statistics on how long the calls last and therefore pay per call will only bill the company when they receive calls that are longer than a set time (i.e. 60 seconds). Companies using Addsource’s local pay per call platform have advantage of knowing that they will receive local virtual phone numbers to place in their ads that will look familiar to the customers.

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