This is not the kind of whisper you use in a library or museum but a whisper that gives you information about incoming calls. Integrate call tracking whisper into your call tracking campaign and see how beneficial it can be to your marketing efforts and efficiency when closing clients.

Be more resourceful and efficient with your calls

On the Addsource call tracking platform, call tracking whisper is one of the unique features that prompts the person answering the phone in your call center about where the caller is from and from what media channel they found the number, all before they pick up the phone. Being able to know this valuable information allows you to 1. gather information on where calls are coming from, thus giving you an indication on where your marketing was successful. 2. The ability to individualize each call to the caller since you know how they found your contact information. 3. Close deals because you know more about the caller and how what attracted them to your business.

Call tracking whisper works synonymously with the call tracking system you already have by linking the different phone numbers that are used for each marketing campaign. Now you have a phone number and a call tracking whisper that is used for each marketing channel. When customers call, your call center can detect from where the person is calling, from what media channel they found the phone number and briefs the agent answering the phone on all of this information before they begin speaking to the customer.

Efficient use of time is important when dealing with clients on the phone because you don’t want them to lose interest. Save time and potential clients by investing in call tracking with a call tracking whisper feature.

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