What Can Call Metrics Do For You?

Call tracking can provide a company with a great deal of information. However, as with all useful reports, it’s what you do with the material that counts. A call tracking company can provide you with many data points that in the long run you really don’t need. It’s up to you to figure out what is most useful and how to make those statistics relevant.

The first step is to find the material that is most pertinent to your company.  These can include:

  • Call response time
  • Geographic location of the caller
  • The times of the calls received
  • The recording of the call itself

How do these metrics translate into information that can work for you? Let’s take a look:

Call Response Time

We have all been on hold before with one company, or maybe many companies. As time slowly ticks by, we get more and more frustrated with whoever will be on the other end of the line. If you are noticing that your potential customers are waiting a ‘long’ time (a long hold time can be as little as five minutes), there are two things you need to think about.

Are your customers having to wait because you do not have enough staff to handle the influx of calls?
Is your initial recording at the beginning of the call so long that it takes longer to funnel the call than it does to actually answer it?

The faster you can have a representative speaking directly with a potential customer, the better. Customers respond better to direct interaction and don’t want only to hear in a repetitive monotone voice that their call is important to you.

Geographic Location

The size of your targeted region can absolutely impact the success of your company.It always helps to know where your calls are coming from, for many reasons. First of all, depending on the reach of the company, it is important to know how to distribute your workers in their respective territories. Second, knowing if you are getting enough calls in your current location can help you figure out if it is time to expand your business or downsize slightly.

Call Times

Earlier, we mentioned how fast your call center staff responds to calls initially, but what about when people are calling you? Do you really need 10 people in your call center for every hour it is open? Call metrics can help you determine when are your peak hours, and help you adjust your staffing (for both your call center and for your technicians). By using this data, your administrative tasks can be clarified and perhaps made easier for the future.

Call Recordings

A phone recording is arguably the most crucial piece of knowledge you can have in order to help your business. It doesn’t just tell you the needs of your customers, but also how your staff are responding to those needs. Customer service is incredibly important, and can easily make or break a business. It’s best not to leave it up to the assumption that all your workers do a stellar job. Everyone always has room for improvement when it comes to customer service, and call recordings allow you to see who needs to work on their skills.

Call metrics are not just empty data provided to you and the end of each tracking period. It’s valuable information that if used correctly, can be useful to your business. When you understand how to translate the material given to you, your business can grow into the successful organization that you want it to be!

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