Choosing the Best Call Tracking Platform

There are many different parameters you should consider when looking for the best call tracking platform. Addsource provides an excellent call tracking platform that fits all of your tracking and analytics needs. Increase your business efficiency by implementing Addsource today! Here are several features to look for when picking the best call tracking platform:

Local Numbers

Addsource offers both local and toll free numbers to areas all over the USA and Canada. There will always be a number for your local area whether you need one or 100 lines. Advertising to your target audience is important and the phone numbers provided are just as essential. Knowing where to focus your ads is critical in determining how successful the campaign is going to be. As a VOIP Provider, the phone numbers provided by Addsource enable you to market your products in all the right places and get feedback allowing you to improve marketing efforts and grow your business.

Cost Efficiency

Investing in call tracking is one of the best things that your business can do. The benefits include optimizing your marketing efforts and knowing from what channel the calls and business are coming from.

Ability To Analyze Your Calls

The cloud call center includes features that enable you to choose how you would like to track the incoming calls such as: call duration, time, place, answered and dropped calls. All of this information gives you a better idea of what customers are looking for, the questions they have about your company and from where they got the phone number. These features help you to know what is working and what could be improved for the next campaign.

Call Recording Features

The opportunity to re-listen to a call again is always available. With call recording, you can record, save and even export calls that are important and need to be reviewed. This feature also ensures good user experience as you can take in any comments or suggestions your clients have.

Quality Of The Calls

Keeping track of your call log is easy with the Addsource call tracking platform because we provide you with amazing quality so you don’t have to worry about dropping calls or having bad service.

Our goal is to help you increase business and keep your company growing.

Know where your advertising dollars are going and how they are coming back around by using Addsource’s call tracking platform. By using the features that call tracking provides, maximize the amount of information you gather and really zero in on the audience you want to see your message. Let us help you grow your business with the best call tracking platform for your budget.

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