Client Story – Reverse Mortgage

Client Story – Reverse Mortgage

The following post is based on a recent experience that we had with one of our customers, which is a company that offers phone reverse mortgage services. This company stands out among our customers, as one that invests a rather big part of its budget in offline advertisement sources, such as TV, radio and very popular newspapers, that charge rather high rates for their ad space.

Naturally, this company wished they could find a way to get the necessary statistical results that would allow them to dissect their investment VS profit results and find out which of their advertisement services pay off, which ones don’t and where the majority of their incoming calls are coming from in general. We at AddSource felt honored about dealing with a company of this size and our collaboration started half a year ago.

As a call center that works all the time and uses different extensions for sells, customer support and others, they needed to get separate statistics about each one of them – something that not a single company but AddSource could provide.

  • Calls volume
  • Call length
  • Busy calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Call recordings

The access to all of these statistics helped this reverse mortgage services provider to figure out that some of their advertisement sources didn’t even recoup their investment. They stopped spending their advertisement money on these sources and thus significantly improved their ROI.

The next step was to figure out the source that proved to be the most reliable and worthy of a larger investment and our representatives gladly helped the customer to detect that source, thus raising the calls volume is it has never done before. We also taught them how to analyze their reports more in depth, something that lead to slight changes in the schedules of their dispatchers – a change that raised the percentage of the company’s qualified calls by additional 10%!

As a business that has mainly an adult clientele, consisting of people who rely on offline advertisement, this company got from us the tools that can measure their success in the most precise way and improve their functionality. We recommend any company that has a call center with 5 and more dispatchers to contact us and consult with our representatives – we will gladly share our experience and a piece of advice that will help your business to grow bigger!

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