How many marketing books have you read and how many strategies have you tried to attract more clients? Were your efforts successful? We can all agree that it is quite frustrating trying to bring in new customers. Being able to come up with creative ideas is hard to do and SMBs need a consistent influx of more clients to keep their company running. Advertising campaigns are expensive, time consuming and take resources away from other important projects. Some methods work better than others at getting the attention of new clients but they may not work for long and if it’s not your expertise, don’t worry, Addsource is here to help you receive calls from more clients.

It is time to start getting more clients

Addsource provides the services you need to keep business moving. The Addsource platform utilizes call tracking and pay per call to keep client calls coming in. Each of these allows your company to not worry about what the next marketing plan will be so you can focus on more pressing issues.

Keep your phones ringing with business when you use Addsource pay per call. You only get charged when you receive valid calls, meaning those that last over a specified time duration. When potential customers search for a service online, Addsource will direct them to your company. Tracking numbers can be placed in various advertising campaigns and can then be monitored for analytics so you know which media sources were the most successful in peaking customers’ interest. Addsource provides the leads and gives you the opportunity to receive calls from more clients and begin new partnerships.

The call tracking system puts you in control of how you see the statistics of your incoming business. Tracking incoming calls features include the report center which allows you to see the amount of client calls that have come in, been dropped, the duration and advertising sources. Customize the dashboard to highlight what is most important and change it when something new comes up. Call recording is one of the features that has many benefits because you can keep calls that can be used as examples in the future as well as teaching tool for how to better market your products. You can also download and export calls so they can be included in reports or proposals. All of these can help you see exactly where you are getting calls from and how you can manage your advertising budget more efficiently.

Don’t worry about constantly looking for new ways to advertise, find everything you need in one place with Addsource. Partner with Addsource and start seeing more clients as your client calls increase!

Check this industries portfolio link to see whether we are currently working in your industry.

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