How To Use Website Content to Drive Calls

If the goal of your website is to gain customers, then it all starts with the content of the site. The text on your site, and the way it is presented, can quickly influence how a customer makes up their mind about how they want to take advantage of your services.

However, most business conversions occur once the customer has spoken to someone at your company, so in there lies the puzzle: how do you use the text and content on your website to compel the reader to put down the mouse and pick up the phone?

Here are some of our top writing tips to help you turn your readers into customers.

Answer All Necessary Questions

The best content is complete and concise. Before committing to your services, people will want as much information as possible. The more facts you provide, the more attractive an offer you provide.
When companies are vague or stingy with information, it gives off a lack of transparency. Transparency is something that consumers value a lot from the companies they could potentially end up doing business with.

Therefore,any text your put on the page should prove to the audience that you understand the job that needs to be done, and can be explained in a clear and succinct way.

CTA Language

The job of the CTA language (and all the language on every page) is to make the reader pick up the phone.
Call to Action language should walk your reader (either intentionally or unintentionally) to a point where they want or need to call you for more information or to set up an appointment. The language here can emphasize the urgency of the service you provide, or the benefits of choosing your company over another.

Put A Phone Number On Every Page

There should be a phone number for your organization on every page, NO MATTER WHAT. You never know exactly what will convince a customer to call, so you should always have a clear reference point for them.
What many companies do is put a different phone number on each landing page so that they can track which sites are driving the most phone calls. Either way, whether you use one phone number or a different one for every page, every site should have a very clear way for your customers to reach you.

Effective Landing Pages

You should have a limited number of landing pages on your site. Sure, besides these landing pages you can have more specific pages, breaking down your services and other needs, but landing pages should cover a general umbrella topics.
For example, a locksmith company should have landing pages for categories such as automotive, residential, commercial, and emergency services. Any services under those headings can have their own pages, but they don’t need to be as comprehensive as the landing pages.

The job of a landing page is to show that you cover a certain category of purposes. As the next point will discuss, a well-organized website makes your company more attractive to your audience.

Organize Your Content

Your website may have many internal sites, but they don’t all need a place on the sidebar menu. When designing your site, you need to not just decide how much content you want on each page.
A potential customer can be overwhelmed if there’s too much information on your site. If you strike the right balance between content, images, and influential (CTA) language, your website will drive the desired amount of calls to your business.

A website’s success is based on its structure more than anything else. Because it is a text-based medium, every decision for both the content and the design is critical. If you can take your content and use it to convince your reader to call your company, than you have done your job.

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