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So you started to cooperate with AddSource and use our phone call reports. You explored previously unknown to you statistics, made the right conclusions and modified your advertising channels accordingly, in order to get more leads from your most cost-effective advertisement sources.

The next step is at least as much important, or even more. Now you need to make sure that the incoming phone calls that you receive will convert potential clients into your customers. This is the factor that will make all your previous efforts pay off and bring money into your business.

The following factors are extremely important, when it comes to phone calls conversion:

You should have enough dispatchers to answer all the calls during rush hours.

Obviously, if you don’t have enough dispatchers, you will have busy and unanswered calls. A customer who had to wait on the line for a long time will not necessarily be in a good mood and that can affect the chances for conversion in a rather negative way. Furthermore, it’s even harder to retrieve the chance to close a deal with a customer, after a missed call.

Also, the less pressure there is on each one of your dispatchers, the more effectively will each one of them be able to work, so spare no expenses on providing good conditions to your employees – you will be the first to benefit from doing so!

You should make sure that your customers know what you offer from the ads.

Because a phone call accepted from someone who couldn’t understand what you offer, in many cases, is a waste of time and effort of your dispatcher, which could otherwise be spent on an actual potential customer.

dispatchers should know how to talk to the clients in a convincing way


The dispatchers should know how to talk to the clients in a convincing way.

Listen to the recorded phone calls and see how well each one of your dispatchers fulfills his or her mission. Try to figure out what your customers want to hear and guide your employees accordingly.

This process is time consuming, but it might as well be the most important one!

Should you have any questions about this post, feel free to contact us anytime!

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