Divide & rule your clientele!

Most of the companies that use more than one source of advertisement don’t know how well each one of their advertising sources is received by their potential customers. When all the sources lead to the same phone number, it’s impossible to find out how many phone calls are received through each one of them and how many out of these phone calls converted potential customers into clients.

On top of that, if only one phone number is used and there are no precise phone call statistics available, the advertiser can only guess whether each one of his advertising sources pays off and justifies the investment put into it. This is exactly the reason why AddSource was founded. Our aim it to provide a tool that will help advertisers to gain more power for the money they pay.

The “Divide and rule” strategy that our clients rely on is based on the use of virtual phone numbers. You will get a different phone number for each one of your advertising sources and all the statistics you will ever need, related to the incoming phone calls that each one of these virtual numbers will receive, including all of the following:

virtual phone numbers

  • Total number of phone calls
  • Number of answered / unanswered calls
  • Number of busy calls
  • Duration of each incoming call
  • High quality audio recording of each call

On top of that, we provide something that no other call tracking company provides, which is the valid calls statistics. Once you know how many phone calls out of the incoming calls of each source are valid calls, you will automatically know how well each of your advertising sources is received, which sources might be unprofitable and which one them is the most effective source.

Having this information, you will be able to use your budget more wisely and improve your ROI immediately. Our phone calls statistics are absolutely user-friendly and easy to understand. You will be able access them anytime from your computer or smartphone and stay on top of your advertising efforts.

Our staff will also gladly help you along the way and it won’t take too long before you find the most effective way to conquer your clientele, through wiser use of your advertisement resources. Contact us right now for any questions!

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