The Ergonomics of AddSource Interface

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Ergonomics is the practice of designing various products and tools in a way that fits the human body and human abilities in general. This is basically a synonym of “human factors”, which are some of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration, when a new product is being developed.

Human factors that are taken into consideration by the designers, can make a difference between a good and a great product. Furthermore – once human factors don’t get the attention they deserve, an otherwise great product can become a total commercial failure, if it’s not comfortable to use.

Being a group of perfectionists, who don’t know the meaning of the word “compromise”, AddSource paid attention even to the smallest details, in order to create the easiest to use interface. As a result, you can take advantage of all the following conditions, once you start using our software:

  • You can get a flexible virtual call center up and running, within less than an hour
  • All the information presented through your dashboard is updated in real time
  • Call recordings stored in the cloud and available for full search
  • Access level for owners, managers and employees, with different permissions

Statistic reports are usually associated with complexity, confusion and lack of precision. To provide reports that are totally to the point, crystal clear and perfectly precise is a mission that our developers managed to accomplish. This is exactly what makes our software stand out.

There are no relevant statistics that are missing in our reports. Furthermore – neither will you have to face irrelevant and unnecessary information when you browse through your monthly phone calls report. The ability to track and analyze phone calls and emails, combined with a user-friendly interface, feel very natural from the start.

Try it out yourself! Start your FREE trial today and see how easy it will be for you to keep track of your call center’s activity, no matter how many phone numbers and how many dispatchers you have or need!

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