Google Penguin and Call Tracking

Since the release of Google Penguin algorithm update, there have been changes in the way SEO performs. The recent update of Google Penguin and call tracking requirement increase are definitely connected. What hurt organic SEO led to an increase in paid advertising and therefore a rise in demand for call tracking.

How does the algorithm update affect us?

Google Penguin was released with the intent to block the spamming on sites but also blocked the way organic searches operated. If a site had content that contained too many keywords and not enough other content, it was flagged and reported as spam. Google now flags links that come from poor quality sites, sites that aren’t relevant to your business. This algorithm that determined if the website’s quality was legitimate or not now is weeding out links to sites that are using strategies that avoided going through Google. Search engines that are paying for sponsoring the link are also being knocked down the results list. When other SEO companies use methods of getting your link to the top of the search page that were not legitimate, by Google’s standards, then your link will be taken down and you will be penalized.

SEO is an important part of increasing website traffic to raise profits following your company’s listed at the top of website searches. When the new update was released it checked the relevance and the content of the site and if there was extra activity including extra posts or comments. The Google algorithm following the Penguin update also makes sure that your links start out lower on the results page and slowly rise to the top after being found useful and become popular organically.

If there are more paid ads on Google following the update, then call tracking has increased relevance because you want to be able to keep a log of all of the calls that come in from your paid advertising sources. The so called wounded from Google Penguin and call tracking new users have approached Addsource to assist them in monitoring their call analytics in this new state of flux.

Addsource’s call tracking system is capable of helping your company make sure that the calls you are getting are converting as intended, maximizing advertising dollars along the way. Until the next search engine update, enter Google Penguin and call tracking analytics to the rescue.

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