How to Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Budget

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As many of you know, advertising might be a little tricky and expensive adventure for every business owner out there. There are so many different channels to use, so many new tools that you can’t even remember which tool does what and why. Another two constant challenges for any business are of course the dynamic environment and the competition larking for you out there. You know that all your competitors advertise, but you wonder if you’re spending more money than you should. Do your competitors know tricks that you don’t know? And so on.

So how do you set and manage good advertising campaigns without actually increasing your budget? This is where call tracking will come in handy. In this post I will explain how to use call tracking services and get the best ROI on your advertising efforts.

The first step doesn’t yet involve call tracking but is very important – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! You can’t start advertising if you don’t know who your target audience is. Moreover, you should do some research and find out which channels are the most suitable for your products/services.

Maximize your ROI
Maximize your ROI


Here is when we start talking about call tracking. So, in order to really get accurate numbers on the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, you first need to assign each of your campaigns its own virtual number (with AddSource you can get as many as you would like from within our dashboard) and start call tracking those ads.

You can see results right away in real-time but I recommend to wait a bit to get more data. So, after a while (let’s say 30 days, like the trial period) you should review the data and compare: Which ad brings you more and better quality incoming calls? Which channel doesn’t work as good as you thought it would? Why do you get so much calls but not as much real business deal?

Answering all these questions along with many others, will give you the solution you need. You will get better and more profitable advertising without increasing your budget. Having all this information available at any time will make it easier for to evaluate your SEO provider, your marketing and advertising staff, the quality of your media, etc.

Using call tracking as an advertising analytics tool will give you the advantage you need in this dynamic competitive environment. This way you can also redirect funds from less profitable channels to the ones that bring real traffic to your business.

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