How To Track Phone Calls

Are you interested in finding out how to track phone calls? Addsource offers an easy and intuitive platform to track calls no matter if you are a business owner or need call tracking for a private use. Businesses operate more effectively when they know where to allocate their resources and On top of providing unlimited call recordings, Addsource’s call tracking platform is able to show you which of your advertising methods are working and how you can increase incoming calls. Those who use call tracking for personal use benefit from call tracking as well since it allows them to use a number that is different or separate from a private home number. No matter what the reason, or who is interested in using it, our platform was created to provide you with a way how to track phone calls.

Addsource – The easy way how to track phone calls

Here is the breakdown of Addsource’s call tracking platform and the steps describing how to track phone calls!

Contact us at Addsource and sign up through our company website. Once your have created an account, we can assist you in generating the local numbers you would like to use and then we will designate a destination number for the calls to be forwarded to. The process is intuitive and the Addsource voip provider support team is on standby to provide assistance. From here, you are able to customize the settings that flag/validate call recordings according to duration.

The dashboard allows you to analyze all incoming calls and monitor statistics. There are many unique and helpful features that come with the Addsource cloud call center including: the report center that gives you the opportunity to track call quantity, duration, date, time, what phone number source the call came from in the case of using multiple numbers and how many phone calls were answered or dropped. Call recording is another feature that has proven to be beneficial so you can listen back to past calls and use them as teaching tools for better communication in the future. You also have the ability to mark your favorite calls, download and export call info and recordings that can be used in reports and presented to clients.

Pricing ranges depending on how many lines you need.

We recommend reading more about choosing the best call tracking platform.

Tracking your calls can be simple and painless with Addsource’s call tracking platform. Begin to increase incoming calls and improving your marketing strategies by contacting Addsource now!

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