The Impact of Call Tracking on a Business

One of the most important things that every business owner who tracks his incoming calls should remember is the fact that a call tracking report, no matter how detailed and informative it is, is not an aim but a tool. The conclusions that one draws from call tracking statistics are the ones that can improve the functionality and the profitability of a given business.

The call tracking reports that AddSource provides don’t require thorough investigation at the highest resolution, in order to draw conclusions that can immediately reveal some of the soft spots of your business. Detection of your soft spots is the larger part of the way that a business has to pass in order to move forward to the next level, in terms of efficient functionality and profitability.

Here are some examples of soft spots that can be easily detected, once you take even a brief look at your call tracking report:

Call Tracking report

  • High ratio of busy calls – it means that there is not enough manpower to handle the pressure. In this case, it’s recommended to check out when these calls take place. You might discover that if some of your dispatchers start their shift a bit earlier, there will be enough of them during the rush hour to answer all the incoming calls.
  • High ratio of unanswered calls – it might be caused by a wrong extension forwarding issue, or maybe some of your dispatchers just don’t bother to call back to the customers, whose phone calls were unanswered.
  • High ratio of valid calls appears in the report, but not so many deals closed – you might need to reconsider your valid call duration.

The more profoundly you analyze your call tracking reports, the more useful information you will find, but there is no need to listen to each and every call in order to draw some conclusions that can make a huge difference. Our staff at AddSource will gladly help you to analyze your report and provide a useful piece of advice as well!

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