The Importance of a Phone Call Duration

When you run a phone calls-based business, you will get two types of incoming phone calls – relevant calls and irrelevant ones. Relevant calls are the successful phone calls that can lead to a positive result, be it a sale, an appointment booking or any other result that can be considered a success for your business.

Irrelevant calls are the calls that cannot lead to a closed deal – unanswered calls, busy calls that remain unanswered and phone calls that are so short that they cannot lead to the desired result. Once you know how many of the calls that you received from a certain advertisement source are relevant and how many are not – you will be able to many useful conclusions about the functionality of your dispatchers, that will help to make your business work more effectively.

The minimal duration of a relevant phone call of one type of business is not necessarily the same as that of another business (e.g. the average time it takes to provide all the necessary details for a car rent VS the time it takes to order a pizza). Experience is the best way to learn about the duration of relevant calls at your business. The ability to categorize your relevant phone calls the following way, will let you find out how each advertising channel that you use actually converts

  • Below 30 seconds = irrelevant
  • 30-60 second = very relevant
  • 61-150 seconds = high probability that the deal is closed

The incoming phone calls reports that AddSource provides will let you know the exact number of your relevant and irrelevant calls. These reports can be reached any moment from your computer or smartphone. You will also be able to listen to the recordings of all your incoming calls and get a better idea of what your customers want.

On top of that, you know how well each one of your dispatchers works and you will be able to teach them how to improve their skills. And if you notice that many of your incoming calls remain unanswered, you will be able to detect the reason why it happens and find a solution to this problem. Contact us today to learn more about the call tracking services that we provide for advertisers!

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