Increasing Website Traffic

Improving your internet presence through organic content, SEO and a well run PPC campaign is the way to go for increasing website traffic to your site. Follow these suggestions and start increasing your website traffic.

More Quality Traffic, More Quality Business


Writing about things that are interesting to your audience and giving tips that they would find useful, draws people into your website. Introduce ways to problem solve or methods to achieve a goal and utilize humor to attract readers to a website.

The reader is focused on the text so keep it short, sweet and simple. Short block paragraphs with helpful information are easiest to read and process. Key terms and headings help readers find what they are looking for quickly. Visually the site should be pleasing to look at and navigating around should be uncomplicated. Links or tabs back to home page and to other main pages in the website are highly suggested and should be placed at the top of the home page or on the far left side.

Update the website so there is new content every few days or weekly so viewers have new items to look at and read. By adding graphics or videos to the site, it increases traffic since it draws attention and readers spend more time searching through the pages and may come across other things that interest them.


Correct SEO provides direct traffic to your site from other locations and search engine queries. Keywords or phrases that people might search for can be brainstormed and listed so you have an idea of things to use. Descriptions of new posts should include those keywords or phrases to strengthen the SEO increasing website traffic. Getting links to websites that are similar to yours is a good way to increase website traffic since people might find a way from other places to your site. Being associated with popular sites gives readers a good impression and they will remember that for the future.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay per click is a primary way to drive website traffic where you pay to have your company’s name come up in Google (adwords), Bing and Yahoo searches. Ads will pop up at the top of the list of sites to visit. There is a better chance that people will click on your link if it’s closer to the top since most people spend minimal time searching through the sites the search engines have listed. PPC campaigns will definitely end up increasing your website traffic. It is critical for you to make sure that the correct keywords are chosen and that the website call to action invokes a converting response.


After implementing these suggestions and tips, your site will be on its way to start enjoying a greater amount of incoming inquiries and traffic. It is important to know the breakdown of where you should channel your advertising methods. But how will you know where the calls are coming from? Call tracking! Addsource’s call tracking platform is the best call tracking because it allows you to customize your campaigns and analyzes from which media you are getting the majority of your new business. Visit our site to find out more about our call tracking platform.

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