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Landing pages are a great way to connect your audience to your website directly. Addsource’s call tracking and analytics platform gives you the opportunity to choose your own local or 800 number to have advertised in the community. By placing the unique number on landing pages in unison with utilization of the call tracking and analytics platform, you will be able to know the exact call analytics that are relevant to that landing page.

Improve your landing page analytics

Being able to trace phone numbers back to their source is a component of what makes Addsource’s phone analytics platform so phenomenal. The platform allows you to see which landing page the unique call came from so you can more successfully focus your advertising efforts for the next campaign. This modus operandi is a great way of getting the most out of your landing page analytics.

Landing pages are discovered when the consumer follows an ad and is lead to the product. The landing pages provide enough information for an individual to feel like this particular business has the ability to fill their need. The landing pages for businesses contain information like prices, hours of operation, location and most importantly, contact information including a phone number. This phone number is the one that your business chose and put on these pages.

In addition to enhancing your landing page analytics, Addsource’s phone numbers can be placed in print ads such as newspapers and magazines, newsletters, on posters and billboards. Online media include websites, internet banners, social media, blogs, forums and directories.

Pay per call is the process of being charged only for valid calls that have the potential to lead to a sale or new client. The Addsource platform allows you to charge for call leads that have gone through to your clients. Advertising in itself can be challenging and campaigning alone may not be enough to reach your target market. This is a way to truly monitor your calls without any added stress.

Call tracking by Adsource allows you to track the phone numbers of the incoming calls and gives you information about the ads, location, duration and type of media the phone number came from. The advantages to having this information are that you can use it to help in future marketing campaigns and being able to more specifically target your audience in the locations they frequent. It also allows you to record, export and save the calls to the unlimited storage center. Call recording can save the calls you want to reference at a later date to listen back on a particular conversation. Exporting to presentations or reports is beneficial when you want to give an example of the interactions you have with your customers.

Contact us at Addsource for more information about how our call tracking and pay per call platform for directories can assist you with your landing page analytics and so that you can start landing some new clients!

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