My Marketing Associate Experience at Addsource

Having been a Marketing Associate at Addsource for the past 4 months, my responsibilities included contributing to the Addsource blog, posting on social media and learning various new skills such as lead generation and market research. As a newly graduated university student, I was seeking an experience that would give me a taste of being part of the business world and teach me skills that I could bring forward to other opportunities in the future. Addsource was the ideal place for me to find everything I was looking for.

I will always remember my Addsource experience

Beginning a new job is always nerve-racking and since there are less than a dozen of us in the two offices, it wasn’t hard to remember names or faces after the first week. It was great to get to know the guys in the company and talk to them about their hobbies, how they got started in the business and just joke around. The team was always willing to help me with any questions I had and were supportive of my efforts and contributions.

My responsibilities with writing blog posts for the Addsource website helped strengthen the skills I learned in university as well as giving me the opportunity to find my own style as a new blogger. I was given both guidance and freedom when composing the posts which, as someone who was new to the call tracking industry, was intimidating but soon a welcomed challenge to make each post different while promoting the same platform.

Developing my social media skills proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Being creative is only half of the job while attracting an audience using certain styles of writing, calls to action and hashtags is a process that takes some time. Researching different approaches to social media and how to gain more followers, get more likes or to turn up in more searches is something I never thought I would need to do. As it turns out, there are many things that you can do to catch the attention of followers and appeal to an audience. Developing catchy phrases and plays on words only works some of the time and learning the science behind social media is something that will forever interest me.

Compiling lists of potential clients as part of the market research, lead generation and benchmarking projects was quite interesting. These directories make up the part of the company as they provide various opportunities to bring in more business. Participating in the search for new clients is exciting because I felt as though I was helping the company expand in a tangible way.

Working at Addsource has opened my eyes to all that goes on behind the scenes in a start-up company. Being able to put my own stamp, even in the smallest way, on a business is something I never really thought about until I arrived at Addsource. Knowing the amount of hard work put in by everyone involved is what makes this experience so rewarding. I am so proud of everything I have accomplished here and I’m even more excited to see Addsource succeed and grow in the future. I’ve very much enjoyed watching the company change from the time I began to today and seeing how my work has influenced the amount of visitors to the site, blog and searches for the services Addsource provides. I am so thankful for everything the Addsource team has taught me and for the skills I now possess to help propel me to reach the goals I set and hope to accomplish in my future endeavors.

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