The 2020 Pay Per Call Advertising Revolution For Call-Driven Businesses

About 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly based on the search results. 

This is why pay per call advertising, which is pay per call leads, is important for any business. It’s call tracking. The results are often better than pay per click advertising because the customer calls a business directly instead of clicking. 

It results in a higher ROI for that business.

But how do you know if pay per call advertising is right for your business when there are so many other advertising strategies out there? How do you know if pay per call advertising will deliver the best results for your business? 

You’ll know because it creates a better relationship with each unique customer. Your business will have seniors making phone calls instead of trying to navigate online orders. In essence, you’ll have a better engagement rate by speaking directly with the customer rather than everything being online and non-conversational. 

If you’re still on the fence about pay per call advertising, here’s everything you need to know about why it’s the best form of modern advertising that can give you the highest ROI. 

What Exactly Is Pay Per Call Advertising? 

Pay per call advertising is when someone searches on their phone for a product and sees a business advertisement relevant to that product. It encourages potential customers to make a phone call instead of visiting a website. By making a phone call, the customer is actually able to talk to the business rather than interacting online. 

This kind of advertising does not mean that the advertisers or the business the potential customer. It’s actually quite the opposite. The person searching and seeing the business phone number is encouraged to make a phone call to the business. 

When the person does make a phone call they are often directed to an advertiser, who gauges how serious the person is in buying the product. If they are serious, they are redirected to the business. 

You can find the all-in-one solution with pay per call advertising on our website. You can book a strategy session and decide how to optimize your leads or sell them.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Pay Per Call Advertising? 

Pay per call advertising has the benefit of 100% interaction with the customer. Inbound callers are speaking directly with another person, which leads to higher conversion rates. 

These callers know what they are looking for by searching on their phones. When they come in contact with your business and your phone number, it gives you an opportunity to speak directly to them. 

With more conversion rates comes more profit. Pay per call advertising gives you the opportunity to produce more revenue because you have inbound callers who are actually interested in your product instead of clicking. 

Another benefit to consider that comes from higher conversions and higher revenue is a higher ROI. Your return of an investment will be exceedingly higher because you’re not paying for an unnecessary marketing specialist. You’re not paying for tech equipment, a fancy website, or for something dazzling. 

You are paying for qualified leads that come to you. You are paying for your business and phone number to be on people’s mobile search. It’s as simple as that. That’s why your return on investment is that much higher.

Is Pay Per Call Better Than Traditional Pay Per Click? 

The differences between pay per call advertising and pay per click advertising are that pay per call are more targeted and have a higher return on investment. For instance, pay per call can target specific demographics with unique phone numbers. In addition, pay per call advertising is better at modifying their campaigns based on tracking analytics. 

Another way pay per call is superior to pay per click is with the cost. Pay per call advertising cost is less expensive than pay per click. If you don’t generate enough clicks, it can be much more expensive because you are trying to show your advertisements to a wider selection of people to generate more clicks.  

With pay per call, you are paying less for more results. For example, $100 will get you a lot farther with pay per call rather than with pay per click. 

Pay per call is also superior to pay per click because there is reduced purchasing time. Some business websites have a landing page and then a sales page. While this does generate sales, some people leave the site because they get frustrated and lost and they just want to buy. 

Pay per call puts the customer directly in contact with a human. There is no confusion. There is more opportunity for the customer to make a purchase faster and with more confidence. 

Overall, pay per call reduces the waiting time and puts your best salesman in contact with the customer. You build an authentic customer relationship by speaking directly to them, which gives the customer more confidence and trust in your business. 

The Future of Business Profit is Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay per call advertising is the future of advertising. If you are looking for a higher ROI, this kind of advertising produces a high ROI that is cost-effective. 

The interested customer is calling you, you’re not calling them. They are expressing interest in your product, which is better than you calling hundreds of people who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer. 

In addition, there is call tracking from pay per call advertising companies that can tell you specific metrics about the customer, such as call duration, and how well your calls are converting. 

Ultimately, pay per call advertising is 100% focused on the customer and their experience. You are giving them an authentic relationship built on trust by talking directly to them.  

You can find more information about pay per call advertising and how it can help your business by visiting our website. You can see how we track customers and you can do it with a free trial

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