You might ask yourself, exactly what are phone call analytics and why would they be important to
me? Phone call analytics is an umbrella term that refers to a broad range of statistics that are important to your call center or dispatch department. These typically cover call time, duration, and whether or not it was even answered. Others will provide the ability to record and review incoming phone calls. Some phone call analytic platforms will get more detailed and tell you where the phone call originated, and even which advertisements the customer saw that brought them to you.

The growth in analytics

In today’s highly competitive world, analytics have become increasingly important. Overall the analytic market is expected to continue growing exponentially.Everybody knows that information is power and the more that you have at your fingertips the more educated and effective your decisions become. As analytics platforms becomes more readily available mass market demand will continue to grow exponentially.

Why use call tracking and analytics

Phone Call Analytics are the key to turning your call center into a well-oiled operation. It enables you to generate more profit in two ways. First you save money otherwise wasted on misaligned man hours
and superfluous marketing campaigns. Second, the analytics saves you more money by showing you
where you can improve so that you don’t miss out on more paying customers. Perhaps you wanted to
know if you have enough people answering your phones during peak hours. By utilizing a phone call
analytic system you can see when your customers are calling so you can make your adjustments and
have the right people on at the right time. You can also go to the phone call analytics and see how many busy calls there were, where your employees were already busy with another customer and could not
answer the phones.

What does Addsource offer?

Our Addsource call tracking platform provides a clear, user friendly, interface to see how well your call center is doing. Perhaps the most important aspect of phone call analytics that Addsource provides is its call tracking component. Learn exactly where your customers are coming from and how they found your company which enables you to focus your valuable resources and time in the right places. Learn when your customers are calling and ensure that they are actually being answered. A helpful tool in the
Addsource arsenal is the ability to record incoming calls. These calls can then be used to review and see why a customer chose to either stay or leave. They can then be used to further educate your employees and improve customer satisfaction, increasing their conversion rate to sales.

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