From letters to telegrams to today’s smart phones, there have been many improvements and advances in technology throughout the decades. Addsource’s phone call technology is made for today’s market and helps your business excel into the future.

Call tracking – Phone call technology

Call tracking is the way to keep all of your statistics under control while also having a built in way to improve your marketing campaigns. This platform gives you the ability to see what’s going on with charts and graphs on the dashboard that monitor the changes in your incoming business and existing clients. Color coded tables and meters measure the influx of traffic that was brought in by the advertising campaigns that your company releases.

Each campaign can be tracked to assess where the incoming calls are from, how long the calls lasted and from what advertising campaign the number was taken. This lays out the places where you can focus your marketing efforts more accurately and see the results come in. Both online and offline marketplaces are ever-changing and in order to stay up to date your ads need to appeal to the audiences that are looking at each one. Online markets include online articles, blogs, websites, internet banners and Google searches while offline ads can be posters, billboards, newspapers, magazines and ads in the newspaper. Knowing where your audience gets their daily dose of literature from is telling because you can tailor your ads to pop up where your audience is most likely to see it.

Pay per call is another phone call technology that Addsource offers. You are only charged when you receive valid calls and they have the potential to bring in business. This as well as pay per click increase SEO to your site when your local phone number shows up in various searches. Addsource provides the phone numbers and along the call tracking platform, it is the ideal pairing to bring you more clients.

Addsource uses call recording, saving and exporting to ensure that your calls are always stored and kept filed until you need them. Call recording and storage is easy when you partner with Addsource because recording abilities and unlimited storage features are included in the platform. The platform is worth the small expense when you will be gaining so much in terms of ROI for your company.

The forward thinking of phone call technology is present in Addsource’s platform and available to you to use when you partner with us. 2014 is a year to be bigger, better and stronger so let Addsource help you realize your goals!

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