Moving in general can be a daunting task. Porting phone numbers on the other hand, is easy and can be done in as little as 2 weeks by the Addsource team. Addsource porting takes the phone numbers from your old carrier and moves them over to Addsource.

The benefits of porting phone numbers to Addsource

Once this is done, there are many benefits to being partnered with Addsource including being able to track the incoming phone calls with Addsource’s call tracking platform. Call tracking gives you statistics on your calls such as caller location, time, date and duration. With this information, you can easily see where your marketing campaigns brought in calls and where there is room to modify the budget in order to maximize incoming calls. Call tracking can be done both on and offline depending on where the numbers and ads are placed. Measuring the success of your advertising campaigns can make all the difference in how many clients you bring in and the way you can reach your target audience.

Phone porting is when a phone number is moved from one service provider to another. When you begin a contract with a carrier they are in control of your phone numbers until you decide you would like to switch. At this time, you can take your number with you to the new carrier and the numbers go through the port transfer process. When you reassign your numbers to the new carrier, you now follow the regulations of the new provider and are able to take advantage of the platform while keeping the old numbers you have always used. Porting numbers between your old provider and Addsource is simple and only takes a short amount of time to transfer over.

The added benefits of porting your numbers to Addsource are the many features that go along with our call tracking platform. We provide you with the opportunity to save and record your calls as well as the option to store them in our unlimited data storage center. Call recording allows you to save conversations that can be used in the future as an example for customer service purposes or to demonstrate how to present a proposal or negotiate with a potential client. Exporting calls is another advantage that the Addsource platform provides which allows you to include a recorded phone call in a presentation or report given to a client or as a teaching tool. Addsource’s unlimited call tracking data storage is the ideal space for you to move all of your important files to without having to delete files when the storage center has reached capacity.

Addsource makes porting phone numbers from your old provider into our system hassle free. You won’t complain about making the move this time! Find out more about porting your numbers to our system by giving us a call or checking out our website

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