Of Quality and Quantity

When it comes to call tracking, the first association that advertisers have about it is the ability to keep track of the quantity of the incoming phone calls. Doing this was always possible, even before such elaborate call tracking services as the call reports that Addsource provides were available.

But as time passed by and more call tracking options became available and made it possible to analyze incoming calls, it became clear that the total number of incoming calls (either per advertisement service, or all of them taken together) is just a small percent of the information that is necessary in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your advertising sources or about the functionality of the employees who work in your call center.

Some of the main factors that allow call tracking users to learn about the conversion of their advertising sources are the following:

  • Average call duration
  • Number of busy calls
  • Number of of unanswered calls
  • Call recordings (the best way to understand what customers really want!)
  • Busiest / least busy hours
  • Valid calls stats

Quality is all that matters

In some cases, our customers were surprised to discover that once the right conclusions were drawn and the necessary modifications were made accordingly, the total calls volume got smaller, but the profitability level got significantly higher. This was caused due to the ability to spot the less efficient advertising sources that proved to be a waste of money – not necessarily because the quantity of the leads they delivered was low, but also because such was their quality level.

In conclusion, what you as an advertiser should pay attention to is not only the total number of incoming calls, but the qualified calls ratio, the ability of your dispatchers to handle the pressure and the effectiveness of your advertising services. It’s not hard to figure out what changes should be made, once you see our detailed yet customer friendly call tracking report. We are also always ready to provide a consultation and provide a useful piece of advice. Contact us now in order to do it!

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