My Relationship With Call Tracking

As an intern and an outsider to the call tracking industry, I was quite lost when I first began my research 4 months ago. The concept was foreign and although it seemed simple, there were many things I didn’t know that went along with it. As I write this blog post, I think back to when I would stare at the blank screen unsure what to write about. Now the words flow a lot more easily because I know the ins and outs of call tracking.

I now know that it is a lot more than that

In the beginning, I thought it had something to do with tracking incoming and outgoing calls so a company knew how many calls they had received and made in one day. I now know it is a lot more than that and is a very interesting and intricate process.

There are many parts of call tracking that I think are very useful to a company that wants to find out how successful their marketing campaigns were. The features that I have written about so many times mean more since I understand them and know what they do for the companies that use them. Addsource’s call tracking platform provides all the features that you want including call time, duration, location, media source, call recording, export and storage. The benefits of call tracking are evident when you can tell from what source exactly your calls are coming from. If they come from online or offline you can optimize exposure to your intended audience. When planning for your next campaign you will be able to target the places and people that reacted to your ads. Call recording gives you the ability to keep the calls that you need for future use and export them to be included in a report or special project. Storing all of the calls and information from your dashboard is easy with Addsource’s unlimited storage center. Who could say no to a platform that offers so much?

When I describe what I do and how call tracking works to those who aren’t familiar, I have the explanation down. For example, I ask the listener to imagine they have a company in XYZ and they are gearing up to promote a new product. I tell them that after they release their newest marketing campaign they want to find out if it brought in any new customers. Call tracking shows you how many calls came in, from what advertising source and literally lets you know when business is calling. It serves a purpose for companies that are dedicated to making the most out of their marketing efforts.

Overall my relationship with call tracking has been positive and one in which I have learned a how beneficial call tracking can be for companies looking to get the most out of their advertising campaigns. As someone who has done the research and become familiar with call tracking, I can confidently say that Addsource has a great platform. To learn more and begin your own relationship with call tracking, has the details.

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