Does your SEO company provide Call Tracking

Is your company using call tracking? If your immediate answer isn’t YES, then ask yourself why not. Call tracking is one of the best analytics resources that SEO companies should take advantage of. Having the ability to track your client’s campaign success is a feature that all SEO companies should utilize.

There are countless benefits to using call tracking so get on board now!

Your SEO company deserves the advantages that call tracking provides and if your current marketing company does not track your incoming calls and provide the complete analysis of your campaign activity, you should fire them. If you think this seems drastic, here are a few reasons your company may have given you when asked why they don’t have call tracking in the first place:

Firstly, your SEO company didn’t know call tracking existed. Although call tracking has become increasingly popular, not all companies are concerned with keeping up with the latest updates. Call tracking is much more than a trend because it is a component of marketing that you should invest in for it will provide immediate ROI. It is a marketing tactic that pays for itself and more because you can track which campaign efforts generate the most profit and bring in the most calls.

Secondly, your SEO company may not be concerned with the amount of incoming calls they are receiving.
This should NOT be the case because the calls that are coming into your business are the ones that will not only make you money but keep your business growing and successful. Call tracking is the way to make sure you have an influx of calls that are consistently generating leads and making sales. You should switch marketing companies if call tracking is not their priority since they are not providing you with the opportunity to find out what marketing methods are proving to be most efficient in attracting and generating the calls. Call tracking platforms like Addsource allow you to monitor your calls via the dashboard, which allows you to customize charts and statistics about the amount of calls coming in, the duration of the call, the location and most importantly from what marketing effort they picked up your phone number.

Finally, your marketing company doesn’t have call tracking because they think the programs are too expensive.
They should not be putting you at a disadvantage for gaining clients and boosting effectiveness just because they don’t want to spend a little right now. The costs are minor in comparison to the value that is produced. Call tracking programs are the best investment your marketing company can make because you will always be prepared to take calls, record and save calls, track and analyze statistics and data of the incoming calls and export the data so it can be presented in reports to show company growth. There is no need for any official training because with straightforward programs like Addsource’s call tracking system, anyone can set the the dashboard and create a system that can present them with the most relevant information to keep their business on top.

Call tracking has proven to be a leading program that companies use to stay on track of their incoming calls as well as ensuring that their marketing efforts are successful. The features provide a broad range of ways to organize the dashboard and check up on progress before, during and after marketing campaigns. You deserve to have a call tracking system aggregating your company’s campaigns and call traffic analytics so that you will be able to get the greatest return on investment for maximizing marketing dollars.

If you are interested in running a ppc campaign the Addsource way, contact us and we will put you on track.

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