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I’d like share with you one of our recent success stories about a company that realized they could operate in a more effective way after using Addsource’s platform. 24/7 Locksmith Services, had been using two major advertising companies to reach his customer base for years. He was working hard and calls were coming in but he was spending excessive funds on both sources with little idea of exactly how the customers had been reached. After encountering our results based call tracking and pay per call advertising agency, 24/7 Locksmith sought out our help and joined the Addsource family.

24/7 Locksmith – An Addsource Client Story

We provided him with our call tracking analytics platform and the tools necessary to monitor the effectiveness of the advertising companies that he used. Addsource quickly set everything up for him and within a month he was able to see that one of the original companies he had invested in was hardly bringing in any customers and was costing him more money than he brought in.

He made great use out of Addsource’s call tracking platform, that gives our client the ability to record and review incoming phone calls. Through this, he realized that one of his employees could be made aware of how she could communicate more effectively with customers. Using the recorded calls, he was able to play back her answered the calls and coached her into one of his most successful call center operators.

Soon after he started using Addsource’s call tracking platform, he noticed another trend. His incoming calls largely consisted of busy and dropped calls since the success of the company’s advertisements were overflowing the call center.To resolve this issue, he increased his staff and altered some of their work shifts to match peak call times. With these simple changes, he quickly saw the number of lost calls fall to almost none.

Since teaming up with Addsource, the locksmith has streamlined his company and has seen his business boom. He’s now able to focus on Addsource as his advertising firm that matches his business goals. His phone lines are actively ringing, his employees are happily working together and have refined their strategy to not lose any calls. His new call tracking program has resulted in converting more calls into paying customers.

Come check us out at and become our next success with call tracking story!

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