Tracking Incoming Calls

Incoming calls have the potential of bringing your company more business. When your phone rings with someone on the other line interested in the product you have to offer, that is an incoming call you want to answer. Incoming calls are bringing the business and even if they all don’t end in sales, there is a chance that the next call will bring you more business than the last. There are many ways of increasing website traffic and calls but the most important thing is that potential prospects find interest in your product or service and know how to contact you.

Should we be tracking incoming calls?

Tracking incoming calls can make all the difference in your marketing and sales efforts as well as being able to find out where your company has room to grow. SMBs can benefit greatly from the organizational features that Addsource’s call tracking platform provides because it helps show where all of the marketing resources are going and if they are bringing in any business. Being able to see on graphs where the marketing campaign was most successful allows your company to make decisions based on where the majority of the calls were coming from. The platform includes the features of tracking location, media type, time, duration, date, recording as well as a time validation parameter feature that is customizable.

To forward calls, you are able to use Addsource as your VOIP provider and purchase new phone numbers and have them placed in various ad campaigns specific to the type of media. Each media source has a respective phone number that allows you to track from where the call is coming from. This tracking can lead to success and bring people to your company since you have the information about where your advertising is most successful. The call forwarding acts like a filter where all of the calls are transferred from the specific media source to your one main company number where you take all of the calls.

Incoming calls on your sales line are an indication of success and something to be grateful for because they bring new customers to your company. Addsource advertising provides your with a marketing plan that can be implemented in-house to bring you more inbound calls, and we also have a call tracking platform that contains all the features you need to track incoming calls and to receive critical analytics that will help you know where your advertising is working best.

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