Tracking your inbound Calls

Track your calls

It’s hard to think of a business that doesn’t want to get incoming calls from clients. The common believe is that the incoming calls have the best potential of bringing more traffic and more sells even if you sell services or products offline as well. So, when a business phone rings it is likely to be someone who’s interested in buying your products or services or someone who needs directions to get to your store, in any case, those people are your potential customers.

The decision to start using call tracking platforms is not easy for most business owners and it’s understandable. Call tracking platforms are considered to be complicated to set up, expensive and mostly relevant to large scale business. The good news is, most of the call tracking software available today is NOT.

So, Why should you be tracking your calls?

call tracking

Tracking all your incoming calls can make all the difference in your advertising and marketing performances. Call tracking can help advertisers monitor their activity and the effectiveness of their ads. The idea is very simple, you buy virtual toll-free or local number for each ad you publish, and then you point those numbers to your business phone line/lines. The phone keeps ringing as it did before, BUT now you can access your dashboard and see each ads’ performance. This data you see will most defiantly change your marketing behavior, you will cancel ads that bring poor ROI and invest your money in ads that do work.

Another added value is your ability to analyze all that incoming calls traffic. You might find out that although your phone is ringing nonstop, you don’t actually sell that much. The data might help you diagnose the problem: maybe there’s an overload on your phone lines, maybe your customer support representatives doesn’t do their job right or any other reason that will pop out when you’ll examine your call analytics report.

Tracking your calls could also help you to monitor other marketing services you pay for. For instance, many businesses use professional SEO services and pay them lots and lots of money for getting a better position on search engines or paying monthly for clicks, impressions and other stuff that are difficult to quantify to real business and ROI. Using call tracking for those services might help you see the real convergence of those visits and impression into incoming phone call leads and even to actual business deals.

In short, call tracking might be relevant to every business that has an office line and receiving calls, and instead of being expensive it will save you advertising money.

One more important thing: most services have a free trial period so you don’t have to commit before you try it and see how it fits your business.

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