Why is it important to track your calls?

Cell phone with all his functios

Most of the businesses that rely on phone-based advertisement through various advertising channels (internet, fliers, billboards etc.) are not aware of the results that each channel brings and keep investing money from their advertisement budget on all of them.

Naturally, not all the channels are equally effective. Usually, some of them pay off and bring incoming calls from interested potential clients, while other channels miss the target audience and become a waste of money that would better be spent on a channel that works better. Another problem that these businesses have is the lack of knowledge about the way their incoming calls are treated (how long they last, how many of them remain unanswered and how customers are treated by their employees in general).

The ability to track and analyse the phone calls from each advertising channel can help any business owner to optimize his advertisement efforts, raise the efficiency level of his employees and improve the ROI of his business. In order to learn about each channel separately, AddSource provides a virtual number for each one of them and user-friendly call tracking statistics, so you will receive all the following information about the incoming calls that come from each one of the sources:

  • Total number of calls
  • High quality recording of every answered call
  • Answered calls stats
  • Missed calls stats
  • Busy calls stats
  • Date and time of each call
  • Length of each call

Call tracking is a tool that will help you to divide and conquer your target audience. Staying on top of your calls tracking means being able to detect how many valid calls you get from each advertising source, which source you should invest more money in, which sources don’t pay off and need to be disconnected.

On top of that, the recorded phone calls can teach you a lot about what your customers want and how well each one of your employees fulfills his duties. For more information about call tracking and possible collaboration, feel free to contact us anytime!

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