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Call tracking is an incredibly useful tool for advertising in this age of many media. Many businesses are now receiving the majority of their calls from online or mobile advertising campaigns. But what are your biggest call targets? Which sources are the most critical, and which sites are not seeing as much traffic? Addsource is at the forefront of this marketing strategy and here are some of the biggest benefits of Addsource’s services.

Complete Call Mapping
From the minute a call is received, we can tell you which source the customer called from, what keywords led them to call, and everything that happens once that call is received. This information can help target where customers are in their research process, and direct them to someone who can address all their relevant concerns at the right point in time.

Call Recording
Call recordings not only tell you what the customers are saying, but how your representatives are responding to them. If you are receiving more calls with questions than potential customers, this information can help you adjust your online content so you reduce the number of calls that won’t result in sales. In addition, it is a good measure for where your company stands on customer service. How do they handle unexpected questions? What about if a customer decides not to take advantage of your services?

Call Statistics
With Addsource’s call metrics, we’ll provide your company with a concise summary of all the calls that your company handled, but we’ll keep it simple-only the productive (or relevant) calls that your company receives. This makes it easier for you to find the important information and put it to use in a quick and effective fashion. Don’t spend days staring at data that won’t lead to any results; make useful decisions quickly and effectively.

Time Management
Staffing a dispatch center with 10 employees every day at every hour is an inefficient use of your resources. Addsource tracks the time (and timing) of each call, meaning you can pinpoint the busiest hours and the quietest hours for your business. This allows you staff your company and manage your services more resourcefully.

Conversion Rates
When you receive calls, what is it that is convincing people to use your services or buy your product? Are there specific keywords? When are you receiving the most calls in the buying process? All of this information can help you create advertising campaigns that allow you to target your audience more effectively. When you know more about who is calling you, you can find the best ways to make your business more successful.

Addsource takes the complex metrics that come in through your calls and compiles them into reports that are accessible and only provide the most useful information. With Addsource, your business can create more compelling ad campaigns and ultimately bring continuing success to your company.

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