Call Tracking

Test The Quality of Your Advertising

Associate phone calls with performance based advertising - Learn which sources make your phone ring.

Know more - Get Analytic

Know where are your customers located and their unique geographical needs.

Learn Your Customer's Behavior

Measuring the behavior of callers allows you to assign a customer response to a specific advertising medium.

Better Calculate Your CPO

Track sales made from phone calls to include them with online sales - thus reducing overall Cost-Per-Order.

Call Log Screen

Call tracking Features

  • Call tracking by source and Geography
  • Custom validation rules for each phone line
  • Volume reports and analytics
  • Full variety of statistical reports
  • Employee’s limited access only to their own data
  • Call logs and call recordings
  • Smart caller search feature and MP3 download
  • 800 and local numbers
  • Export reports to PDF/EXCEL/CSV
  • Whisper (call announce)
  • Cloud base solution

How Does It Work?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

With easy online access you can set-up a local or 800 number for each one of your ads and direct them to your main business line. The Addsource system will start tracking all your incoming calls, providing you with the necessary tools to measure success.

Easy Access

You can login to your account from anywhere, review all critical stats and reports and conclude which ads perform to your satisfaction. Moreover, you can listen to call recordings and make sure your answering service is on the right track.

Reports Screen

Analyze Call's Volume

Who Should Use Call Tracking?

Well, basically every business. Call tracking helps businesses to identify the number of calls and leads they get from each advertising source. Whether you are using an online or an offline advertising, every business needs to know the quality and performance of all its ads.

The AddSource platform is suited for all business sizes and industries, from professional services to local, international businesses and ventures. By tracking calls your business will save time and money on advertising and will improve customer service.