Adzz – International SEO Agency

Adzz is an international SEO agency with customer over the globe and venture assets.

As every SEO agency facing with a challenge to price up their performance based efforts, Addsource has partnered with the leading SEO agency “Adzz” to overcome those issues.

At the beginning, the pricing blueprint in Adzz was just like any other SEO agency, a monthly – recurring bill with a minimum of a 6-month contract.

If you already know SEO, you probably know that constant results at any award winning SEO agency will take 2-5 months, depends on market saturation. And the

With results been delivered over and over, Adzz had become a leading force in several high-competitive markets. and of course, as the PR grew, the customers kept coming.

The Challenge – Contract Jitters!

Adzz sales team, has encountered an issue with a lot of new customers that they had experience dealing with.

a large percentage of the customers had jitters before signing a contract with Adzz, even though the success was proved.

And it’s totally understandable, every business would have to scratch their heads and trying to understand if SEO it’s something that suits them. So with recognition with that, Adzz was searching for a way to downgrade their entry-price, so more customers will convert in the first-sale level but still maintain the current ROI.

So, like a lot of other agencies, Adzz wanted to start to present to their customer a Performance Based billing plan for SEO.

That by itself is a challenge, mainly because of the nature of the SEO work. for example: in a situation when client terminate their contract, the work that has been done cannot be canceled easily.

Another challenge with they had to face was due to the in the way Adzz doing online promotion and figuring out the exact figures for each business.

So each of Adzz client had multiple online assets, for example:

  • Main Website
  • Google My Business Profile
  • Bing Maps Profile
  • Yelp Profile

And each assets had more than 1 traffic source.

Adzz staff had a colossal task at every end of the month, figuring out how much organic & paid traffic were generated from each of those assets, and it’s end results to the client.

You can imagine how much metrics we’re talking about right?

After trying several of Addsource competitors for call tracking, and trying to build a custom solution to track text leads, the CTO of Adzz – Alon A had hard time converting those results to a real – true money metric each month and collect from the customers.

Until Addsource got into the picture, all of the billing, analytics, optimization & partner management was done semi-manually. each project manager had to conclude what keywords and placements brings in more business, in another hand the business sometimes got unrelated traffic and solicited phone calls and had to figure out for which leads he pays, which ones are connected to real-world deals, or at least relevant leads.

The Life Saver

Then, one of Adzz project manager found us (later on we figured that he had to deal with those calculation and milk-out the metrics he needs to know what needs to be optimized), and after a short discovery call when we talked all of his challenges, he introduced us to the entire board.

We decided to do a test run of Addsource on one of Adzz new client and start tracking all of it’s web & offline assets (that particular customer had also billboards campaigns in the US for brand awareness purposes). and after 1 week of tracking, we figured out a number of things during that period:

  • We figured out what are the frequency of repeat callers.
  • The average call duration for relevant leads with call recordings and segmentation.
  • We’ve been able to know who & how many solicited calls (spam) has been during that period.
  • We we’re able to notice the response rate of the client’s call center

Adzz had all of the key indicators to determine what deal can be signed with that client and how to the design the Pay Per Lead pricing on top of it’s recurring – monthly packeges.

So the next step was to configure several things:

  • The connection of Adzz payment terminal (Authorize.Net) to Addsource
  • All the call validation rules based on the indicators from the 1-week test period.
  • pricing bid for every submission type (call & text based leads)
  • On-boarding the client to Adzz dashboard (white-labeled Addsource)
  • Setting his CC and recurring PostPay plan with $250 threshold.
  • Setting a recurring monthly fee for every service that is not priced per-lead.


After a month-old live test with a live customer, Adzz figured out that this is the way to go in all of their client projects, for a number of reasons:

  • They could offer SEO packages in a better entry-level price while being confident in the future ROI.
  • The entire billing and tracking efforts we’re reduced to a near zero hours per month, project managers could do what they are best at!
  • There were a lot less handling with customers, when they wanted to dispute a lead, they simply marked in Addsource Dashboard.
  • Each client could see EXACTLY what he’s paying for and therefore each client had the confident to spend more on advertising.

Accurate lead tracking is crucial for anyone that generate traffic for someone else – in all aspects. on top of that I honestly cannot put a metric on how many hours this solution saved us. this was our bottle-neck in the entire operation.

Adzz CEO – Ori L.

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