Get Locksmith

Get Locksmith is a franchise organization that stands for superior customer service and professionalism both to customers and it franchises!

As a franchise Get Locksmith chose to support each individual franchise branch with every marketing and advertising aspects. This starts from creating a local brand awareness up to day to day lead generation and management of all marketing efforts along with answering service & local reputation management. 

Franchise organisation are often pass on this task and advertising only on global level leaving local presence and marketing for each branch to handle on it’s own, however, in such a competitive vertical, Get Locksmith chose to fully stand behind it franchises and provide them with all communication & marketing solutions allowing them to deal with the most important aspect of customer service and field management, As Get Locksmith states to his franchise owners “take care of the customers we will handle the rest.” 

Get Locksmith cooperation starts with Addsource when they chose to handle “answering service” for their Franchise, The need was clear with few goals in mind. 

  • Track all incoming calls and validate them 
  • Billed open valid calls 
  • Track multiple advertising channels
  • Call recording & tracking 
  • Dashboard & Reports 
  • Single access point for all users  
  • Instant campaign creation 
  • Call routing 
  • Affiliate management 

In reality, the workflow happens as following:

customers will call to a local number inquiring locksmith service, all calls routed to a single call center, if the call was valid (longer than 60sec), the franchise will be billed $2 (per valid call – if the call is short or repeat, no charges will apply. 

For marketing optimization, each franchise was assigned 10-5 local numbers to track channels such as Google, Bing, FB & Yelp. 3 customer support lines was created for for accounting, support and emergency hot-line.

The multi channel tracking allowed the nationwide marketing department at Get Locksmith understand what make the phone ring and what is not, remove uneffective advertising sources or improve performing ones. 

Each franchise has assess to a dashboard were he can review performance and analyse marketing efforts, listen to call recordings and manage billing & invoices. 

Get locksmith was able to develop transparent ecosystem that effective and clear to all parties, Utilizing Addsource ability to track validate and bill along with clear performance overview and monetization all parties collaborate in best possible way achieving mutual success and prosperity. 

Get Locksmith found that franchisees understand better marketing metrics such as call and leads, this enables them to do conversions calculations and create internal language and improvement processes. With everyone able to collaborate on the same level, compare metrics and review performance.

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