Great Kosher Restaurant

Great Kosher Restaurant (GKR) directory site is a great place to find restaurant across the globe that offers kosher food.

Most of GKR users come from the US market and visit regularly to discover new restaurants and latest trend in the Kosher restaurant arena. 

The Old Monetization Model

GKR business model was similar to most of citations, they offered three main options of advertisement within the portal:

  • The First is freemium listing that will appear in random position under the metro area and according to the citation filters and search engine.
  • The Second is priority placement listing, placing restaurants listing on top of the first page in the restaurant metro area & relevant filters. 
  • The Third option offers premium marketing package including first position along with featured article & restaurant video casting and review. 

The Challenge

When GKR came to us, they looked for a solution that can convert his freemium listings to paying customers.

we were briefed, that his team, have a hard time selling priority listings.

this is due to the fact that restaurants don’t have the ability of measuring results of their ads, therefore they have a hard time to pay a retainer without seeing clear income from their advertising efforts. 

According to GKR restaurants falls under two main groups:

  1. The first group is the the restaurants that will take the most expanded package and will use all of GKR marketing capabilities, usually this would be a restaurant that just starting or struggling with bringing new customers in.
  2. The second group are those who likely to be listed as a free listing and only willing to pay for results and if this not something that easily measurable, they prefer not to invest at this point. 

Note – we were informed that restaurants generate great amount of revenue by takeaway phone orders and deliveries along with table bookings over the phone. However no one was able to answer how many calls each restaurant received up to this point. 

The Solution

First, what we offered is to own the communication channel, Because its impossible to know which listing was getting called by monitoring visitors on certain page.

so the original phone numbers of the restaurants was replaced with Addsource virtual numbers pointed directly to the business original phone line. 

Tracking was ON and we were able to monitor the amount of calls each restaurant receive from the GKR listing. 

Here’s What We Found Out

  1. The metrics was outrages! the restaurants were having more then 20 VALID (non repeat longer than 30sec) calls a day generated from Great Kosher Restaurant Citations!
  2. We were able to learn why customers calling and recognize restaurants that has poor answering service.
  3. we found out the average call duration for restaurant order / take away.
  4. Restaurants that are not support their operating hours (lots of calls went VM)
  5. Not support delivery or do support delivery but only to certain area

This is some of the notes taking and much more was concluded from the ability to monitor and record the calls. the dashboard with clear results, displaying reports with amount of valid call received

here are some of the insights that was measured after only a few weeks of usage.

  • Amount of Call for each listing, per metro and in total 
  • Amount of dropped busy and not answer calls 
  • Clear amount of billable calls compared to not billable calls 
  • Call Pick time
  • Call Log and recordings 

With all of that intel, we could move into the next step.

Pay Per Call Implementation

GKR sales team was able to see a clear picture and put a new offering in-place that will suit restaurant desire to pay per action and meet their own financial goals.

Restaurants was offered to pay only when the phone is ringing,  and only for valid calls coming from new customer seeking for reservation or food delivery.

  • Call validation duration was set for 60 sec / duplicate calls tracking for 72 hours 
  • User interface allows each restaurant monitor calls and review answering performance 
  • Pay-Per-Call pricing model by area (ranging from $8-$13 per call)
  • Recurring amount of $250 set for pre payed balance 
  • Auto re-charge using Addsource billing platform 

The Sales Team Reaction

“It’s the easiest thing to sell, restaurant loved the idea even more than we do” 

This is probably true, business love to pay for action and hate to be in the dark about what they are getting in return for their advertising dollars,

A clear measurement and report was a game changer for Great Kosher Restaurant and it listed businesses!


It’s our personal believe that businesses deserve CPA advertising, We built Addsource with this goal in mind, We are grateful for the chance to work with great publishers like GKR helping them to shift to CPA model and create a change in the way businesses consume advertising. 

Users often admire publishers and grateful for the great job they do, however the real challenge is to make your customers (restaurants in this case) admire the way you offer advertising and manage offers helping both sides to prospect and decide not only by providing more business but with thought about customer service and overall experience helping businesses get better in wait they do and the way they do it.

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