Google AdWords phone verification feature

Google AdWords Phone Verification

Google AdWords announced a new verification policy starting June 2015. According to this new policy, advertisers using call extension and location phone number, will have to verify the ownership to all the numbers listed in their ads. Call and location extensions that do not meet this criteria will be disapproved. Continue reading

Track your calls

Tracking your inbound Calls

It’s hard to think of a business that doesn’t want to get incoming calls from clients. The common believe is that the incoming calls have the best potential of bringing more traffic and more sells even if you sell services or products offline as well. Continue reading

Locksmith leads

Pay Per Call Leads for Locksmith Companies

AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: AddSource now cooperates with the growing and promising franchise “Get Locksmith”!

Having tried multiple advertising methods, Get Locksmith realized that their profit reached an all-time high when they concentrated on what they do best (providing locksmith services) and another company concentrates on leads generation for them. The possibility to pay only for valid incoming calls convinced the entrepreneurs behind Get Locksmith to give our service a try and, as expected – the cooperation proved to be mutually beneficial.

After 2 months of successful cooperation, we at AddSource are glad to reveal the following stats:

  • The total number of jobs, closed by Get Locksmith during March and April 2017 (combined) has doubled (200% of what they closed during January and February, combined!)
  • The total number of unanswered calls decreased by 70%
  • The number of short calls that didn’t convert – decreased by 50% (and NONE of them were paid for by Get Locksmith)
  • Get Locksmith’s overall advertising budget has not changed, but they are planning to increase it by 50% starting from June

Other US-based locksmith companies that are interested in acquiring leads for their businesses are more than welcome to contact us, in order to discuss a possible collaboration!

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The Ergonomics of AddSource Interface

Ergonomics is the practice of designing various products and tools in a way that fits the human body and human abilities in general. This is basically a synonym of “human factors”, which are some of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration, when a new product is being developed. Continue reading

Business phone line – toll free or local?

Big or small? Global or local? Customized or standard? It’s quite hard to make the right choice between these two options, when you need to set up a business phone line.

Once you find yourself in need to create a number for a business phone line, keep in mind the fact that your choice will have an impact the customers’ decisions. Continue reading

The Advantages of VoIP Solution

As the name of the article indicates, this weekly blog post is dedicated to the advantages of VoIP over the use of regular, land-line phone numbers. If you dont know what VoIP is then please do continue reading this post. Continue reading

AddSource- Not just a VoIP provider

Cloud Call Center

In order to increase the income of a business, it’s important not only to find new ways to attract customers, but also to make the existing working methods more efficient. Continue reading

E-mail on Call Tracking

Your e-mails also count!

So far, we have introduced various phone calls-related features and related tips in our blog, which are meant to help our customers to get the most out of their cooperation with our company.

This blog post is dedicated to a new feature that we have to offer, which is the incoming e-mails tracking option. These statistics will help you to get a better idea about the functionality of your business, as well as about what your clientele is looking for.

Moreover, an incoming e-mail is a proof of interest from the customer’s side, which can also make it easier for your dispatcher to communicate with the customer, so the importance of taking your incoming e-mail messages into consideration is rather high.


As you probably already know, our phone calls reports include not only information about the total number of your incoming calls, but also all of the following details:

  • Number of unanswered calls
  • Number of busy calls
  • Each call’s duration
  • Valid calls


Basically, the conversion of your advertising effort can be measured as easily as the total sum of money that you invest, divided by the number of your valid calls. The higher the percentage of valid calls gets, the more profitable will advertisement become for your.


Our e-mails report feature was tested during the last few months, in cooperation with numerous customers. The conclusion that it led us to is that an incoming e-mail can definitely be counted as a valid incoming call and, in many cases, it’s even easier for a dispatcher to convert a potential customer into a client, who will use your service and pay money for it.


A person who sends an e-mail message is usually not as much in a rush as someone who calls your company directly might be, so it’s easier to correspond with them and to convince them that you can fulfill the needs that they have. Contact us today for any questions related to our e-mail report feature!