Call Tracking and Web Analytics

Is your marketing being measured correctly?

Many companies measure the incorrect metrics when trying to come up with the best marketing strategy for their business. A lot of the time the data that is available is not enough to make a rational decision. Therefore a lot of decisions are based on a hunch rather than basing decisions upon fact. Monitoring web traffic does not put you in the position to give the full picture regarding bottom line results relating to sales.

Call tracking brings a world of knowledge to enable marketers to come to the right decisions. With the aid of call tracking, you will no longer risk throwing away marketing dollars without knowing how much the investment converts into, in terms of company revenue.

In addition, web analytics will only cover the online aspect of your business. This in some instances will translate only into a fraction of total conversions which are initially generated from offline and other online sources.

Once you have discovered the true value of call tracking, the insights will allow you to start running with data instead of gut feeling.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is as simple as it sounds – a means of collecting information about incoming calls: the telephone variant of conversion statistics. Call tracking software records relevant information and organizes it for its user to access and monitor. Measuring various information such as length of call, answering time, amount of calls, destination, call source, and more – it provides the ability to analyze call quality and source quality, and consequentially – manage your advertisement channels and your business more effectively. As the call tracking trend is on the rise, I do believe that it will be utilized by pretty much every business at a later point in time. There will no longer be the question of what is call tracking.

How does it work?

A unique telephone number is provided for each advertisement channel: online banners, newspapers, billboards, flyers – now you know exactly where your calls are coming from and how it works. The system records the information going through these numbers, converting it to statistics. Through this simple yet effective process numerous possibilities are opened up to marketing managers and small business owners.

What it gives you?

With experience comes knowledge – and every manager knows: closed deals have a specific time length, different from business to business. Call tracking software allows you to turn that knowledge into power, filtering the calls into categories based on length and connectivity. Now you can not only know which advertising channel provides you with the highest bulk of calls, but which one gives you the best calls – the ones that turn into sales.

Not only this, but you can now see how many calls were dropped, how many went unanswered, access the information in real time and return to salvage the clients that would have been otherwise lost.

Knowing when the call load was heavy on your call center and many calls were missed or when there were so little calls that your call center stood idle, will let you adjust your work shifts accordingly, and make your business more profitable. Sometimes as little as opening for business half an hour early can make a big difference in the amount of sales.

There are limitless possibilities to make use of the information that now lies at the tips of your fingers with the Addsource platform features.

How the call tracking started

The Addsource call tracking platform was developed by our team back in 2009, to measure the effectiveness of our agency’s online and offline advertising performance.

Why did we need it?

With almost half of all internet based conversions happening over the phone and all the offline advertising being phone oriented, a lack of valid call statistics was leading to a large part of the budget wasting away on inefficient advertising channels. A solution was needed – and our development department took up the challenge, creating a perfect tool to measure the phone conversion rate.

The call tracking service was built to provide our variety of clients with real-time reports on valid calls and missed calls, enabling them to find their call centers’ weak spots and salvage missed leads. In addition the service included an easy to use call recording system, and detailed advertising optimization statistics.

Join the experience

After seeing the great feedback coming from clients of our advertising department, we decided to open the Addsource call-tracking service to all, sharing the ability to optimize advertising profit with the rest of the world. In short that is how the call tracking started at Addsource.

With call tracking there is no more throwing your marketing budget into the wind and guessing if it brings revenue. Now you too can use our user-friendly online system to make your business run productively while all your advertisement is optimized to work just right.

Today our call tracking service tracks hundreds of thousands of calls a month, analyzes hundreds of advertising sources and helps salvage thousands of missed calls.